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Talking about the Future of Slaughtering Equipment

Slaughtering equipment is the concept of slaughtering pigs, cattle, sheep, chickens, ducks and other poultry meat machine slaughtering equipment suitable for large farms, livestock, poultry slaughtering, the general use and kill equipment pipeline, more technical procedures, the slaughtering equipment in the hot box is sealed box structure, steam heating exchange heating, automatic adjustment of water temperature, manual control. The depilation surface of poultry and livestock in the branches of machinery, airflow double mixing, special slaughtering equipment is not damaged. The foreign slaughtering industry with bright body color indicates that the foreign oligopoly authority has absolute market share in the large-scale slaughtering enterprises. In the United States, Lanzhou, Denmark, the oligopoly situation exists. In the United States, Sanqiang pig slaughtering enterprises in the Netherlands, the market share of the large-scale slaughtering enterprises is absolute. The share is 50% and 75% respectively, and the big slaughter enterprises in Zui, Denmark, account for 80%. China's slaughter industry is still in the process of decentralized competition. The decentralization of industrial chain sources leads to the low concentration of the industry. According to the data analysis, the market share of the top four slaughter enterprises in China (Yurun, Shuanglong, Jingong, Zhongzhong) is 7%. This means that Korea's leading slaughter companies will have a huge market in the future. Clearance advanced slaughtering equipment is the mechanization of the market premise occupied by meat enterprises, and the prerequisite to determine the productivity of slaughtering enterprises. Now, on the premise of deciding the productivity of slaughtering enterprises, it is no longer technology but mechanization to realize swans. Mechanization decides the market share of slaughtering enterprises. Now, technical facilities, health and epidemic prevention and other industry standards constitute the technology for small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the slaughtering industry. For example, in cold meat, international standards, killing process and perfect inspection system are adopted. The world's advanced cold-cut processing technology, through 18 channels of inspection, before the body processing fast cooling, then slow cooling, so that muscle naturally through. Skilled process, and in low temperature environment for fine segmentation, inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms, prolong the shelf life of cold meat, so that the quality of products and most of the same industry, but, by contrast, most of them. Small and medium-sized slaughter enterprises adopt simple traditional slaughter technology. The high-quality segmentation technology with poor product quality can meet the demand of the whole pork at the market terminal, and also bring about the increase of gross profit rate. Some of them must rely on advanced technology slaughter equipment.



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