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Slaughter pipeline maintenance methods which

Slaughtering line maintenance for slaughtering lines of production is very important. Slaughtering line in the production process there will be some normal wear. Therefore, maintenance is particularly critical. The following are brief slaughtering line site maintenance methods:
1. Head Motor Maintenance:
Slaughtering line motor must not be water, as this may cause motor damage, affect the use. Slaughtering equipment will shorten life.
2, chain maintenance methods:
Slaughtering line chain in the long run may lead to the original heating oil volatile, so easily lead to the slaughter line during operation of the chain imbalance, noise increases, crawling like. Add the butter or concentrated to the chain a little oil and the like.
3, slaughtering line the nose gear box repair and maintenance methods:
For the first time in about three months to put the net reduction box oil, diesel or gasoline to wash inside the gearbox, put the net after the new lubricant was added to the middle of the observation window immediately. After the lubricating oil change once a year on it. Too much oil can cause fever gearbox, the motor load is too large motor protection switch tripped. Too little lubricant may lead to the gearbox heat, noise increases and gearbox hanged scrapped.
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