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Maintenance method of slaughtering machinery and equipment

Slaughtering machinery and equipment in general is in a large food factory to see, such as Shuanghui Group, Chia Tai food, slaughtering equipment but also sustainable development in the market, meat food safety and hygiene have also been concerns of consumers. People for meat demand is relatively high, slaughtering machinery and equipment in use, you have to know the care and maintenance is also critical. Today Xiaobian to tell you under the maintenance method of slaughtering equipment:
Slaughtering machinery and equipment after use, keep the equipment clean, sanitary, and make electrical components, mechanical transmission, bearings and other waterproofing measures.
Periodic inspection slaughtering equipment fastener joints, mechanical transmission mechanism is loose. Therefore, the maintenance of the equipment should be immediate slaughter, rigorous and careful.
Damage slaughtering machinery and equipment will not only affect the normal use and service life of equipment, but is bound to affect the quality of slaughtered meat, is more likely to affect the quality of the meat, that can not be shut by slaughtering equipment synchronization sanitation inspection.
If slaughtering machinery synchronization sanitation inspection problems, it is very easy to make questionable meat into the market, not only will affect the reputation of the manufacturer slaughter, but also on people's health hazard.
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