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            Vertical pig washing machine

            1. vertical pig washing machine is used for cleaning pig slaughtering after blood transfusion.
            2. main structure and characteristics vertical pig washing machine is composed of body, reducer, sprinkler head, rotating vertical shaft and nylon whip bar.
            The characteristics are:
            (1) The equipment is equipped to be used on the leachate suspension conveyor line, which can realize the pipeline operation.
            (2) when the pig body passes through the equipment, it will automatically start and stop at other times.
            (3) No special person is required to operate the equipment.
            3. The main points of operation are three vertical axles arranged in triangle in the body. There are several nylon whips on the vertical axle, and the reducer is connected with the vertical axle. A water pipe is installed on the upper left and right sides of the body, and a plurality of sprinklers are arranged. When the pig body moves along the conveyor line to the pig washing machine, the electric induction system starts the equipment, and the vertical shaft drives the whip bar to rotate and rub the pig body, while the sprinkler sprinkles the pig body to wash out the body surface of the pig.


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