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            Pig Slaughtering Equipment-Fully Automatic Three-Point Cardio-Brain Anesthesia Motor*

            1. Fully automatic three-point cardio-cerebral anesthesia motor is an automatic corona device for cardio-cerebral anesthesia before slaughtering pigs. It has high automation and perfect performance, and is widely used in large and medium-sized pig slaughtering and processing production lines.
            2. Fully automatic three-point cardio-cerebral anesthesia motor is composed of driving device, cardio-cerebral anesthesia electrode, cerebral anesthesia electrode, carsickness, photoelectric monitoring, saddle conveyor chain, body and tensioning device.
            Its characteristics are:
            (1) Using saddle-type abdominal support chain, the pig's four hoofs are suspended and can not struggle, which is convenient for accurate stunning.*
            (2) Plum blossom design is adopted for the electrode head with high penetration rate.
            (3) the main difference between the device and the two point hemp motor is the addition of the heart hemp electrode, which can automatically adjust the voltage according to the conductivity of the pig body, and is suitable for the halo effect of different varieties and different age pigs.
            (4) the passageway is designed with adjustable panel, which is suitable for the operation of pig with different sizes.
            (5) The escape rate was lower than 1%.
            3. key points of operation: live pigs are driven into pig's Hemp into the hemp motor, and ride on the saddle conveying chain. When reaching the set position, the electro-optical monitoring system commands three electrodes to extend rapidly, positioned under the two ears and heart parts, and 1 to 2 seconds pigs are stunned. The electrodes at the heart provide voltage to relax the pigs, reduce pig's struggle, and facilitate bloodletting. After*stunning,the pig was pushed out by the stunning car into the process of stabbing and bleeding. At this time, the electrode is reset, the car is returned, and the whole anesthesia work enters the next round.
            4. Note that pigs of too large or too small size are not suitable for the operation of this equipment, so hand-held hemp appliances can be used*


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