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            Pig Slaughtering Equipment-Two-Point Bracket Motor

            1. Two-point bracket anesthesia motor is an automatic brain anesthesia corona device before slaughtering pigs.
            2. The main structure and characteristics of the two-point bracket hemp motor are composed of electronic control box, photoelectric monitoring, body, saddle conveyor chain and hemp electrodes. The characteristics are: the live pigs ride across the saddle conveyor chain, the four hoofs are suspended and lose their struggle, which is convenient for stunning. The photoelectric monitoring and positioning are accurate, which is suitable for the halo of different pig breeds and different weight pigs.
            3. the key points of operation are that pig is driven into pig motor through the pig Road, and then slipped from the pedal to the saddle conveying chain for conveying. When the photoelectric monitoring monitoring pig into the designated location, the two electrode quickly extended to the pig ears under the two sides of the clip, 1 to 2 seconds pigs were stunned, then the electrode retracted through the cylinder. The stunned pigs enter the process of stabbing and bleeding, and the whole process of anesthesia and electricity is over.
            4. Note that the two electrodes are frequently used and should be kept clean so as to avoid affecting the conductive efficiency of mining. According to the size and size of the pig and pig body, the width of the equipment passage is adjusted.


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