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Manual or hog slaughter will end the era

Pork meat is the main source of most of our residents, pig slaughtering meat industry as an important part of market access, connecting bearers of the important role of marketing collaterals. We can say that the level of slaughter pigs will to some extent determine the level of development of the slaughter industry. In recent years, through innovative Shineway Group slaughtering technical level, the introduction of advanced production equipment, to further protect the safety of consumers of meat, and reliable.
Original hog slaughtering or end
Recently, the reporter through the survey found that many, conventional hog slaughtering is quietly changing, relying solely on the manual slaughtering approach has increasingly kept pace, replaced by a fixed scale mechanized slaughtering enterprises. We can not deny, however, due to the Chinese historical reasons, currently on the market of the original hand-slaughter continues to occupy a half. In such a food safety issues frequent era, along with the gradual improvement of relevant regulations and standards slaughtering of pigs slaughtered by hand or era will end.
Hog slaughtering industry concentration manual slaughtering share dropped
Due to historical reasons, it has been in the midst of the slaughter industry chaotic state, until 1998 the implementation of "pig slaughtering regulations", marking China's pig slaughtering industry has entered a new stage of management according to law. Ten years, some positive changes in China's pig slaughtering industry has undergone.
Slaughtering industry concentration. According to the "National Development Plan pig slaughtering industry" requirements, 2015 will foster a number of annual slaughter capacity of more than 1 million large-scale slaughtering plant in the national pig production areas, industry concentration further improved.
Hand slaughter market share plummeted. Reporters learned that, at present, the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities are gradually implement the "safe meat" project, and further eliminate manual slaughtering behind the production, a large number of construction workers voted to pig slaughter, quarantine, processing, cold storage, transaction-stop modern slaughter production line.
Shuanghui: mechanized production to ensure the quality and safety of meat, and reliable
As the country's largest meat processing base, Shuanghui Group first in the industry to introduce on behalf of the world's advanced level of Dutch STLRK's pig slaughtering production lines, slaughtering capacity of 10,000 head, major equipment have three low-voltage hemp motors, steam scalding tunnels, automatic dehairing machine, automatic singeing pulse induction system, synchronization line inspection, ultrasonic cleaning systems. Currently, Shineway Group has more than slaughtering production line.
According Shuanghui staff, at present, the slaughter line, Shuanghui Group strict synchronization inspection measures to detect disease when pigs will be in accordance with national laws and regulations require identification, isolation and strict treatment and disposal. In addition, the use of information Shuanghui Group also measured fat fat, lean meat, bones proportion per head hog on the production line accurate measurement to achieve pigs online, online grading, online pricing, online billing, to achieve a fair deal.
Not only that, Shuanghui Group also vigorously develop the professional skills of front-line staff, in the past, "National Meat division skills competition", the Shuanghui Group four frontline staff representatives to the superb artistry, skilled knife won the front of the audience array cheer.



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