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            What kind of slaughtering equipment does the slaughtering pipeline need to use?

            Before the slaughterhouse is operated, all aspects of the budget should be made. What slaughter equipment does a large pig slaughterhouse need?*

            Six kinds of main slaughtering equipment are needed for pig slaughtering line*

            1, pig hair machine: mainly used to remove pig hair, to ensure the integrity of pigskin;

            2, pig electrical appliances: mainly used for temporary stun pigs manual manual electrical appliances to facilitate slaughtering work;

            3, pig bridge half sawing: mainly used for dissecting pig carcass after two split half, convenient for storage and transportation.

            4, pig washing machine: the main role is to wash pigs after slaughtering, avoid cross infection, and ensure the hygiene is qualified.

            5, pig washing machine: washing machine is a special equipment for cleaning pig tripe. It is easy to use and effectively improves work efficiency.

            6. Pig*hoof*wool beater: Pig*hoof*wool beater solves the problem of difficult removal of pig*hoof hair, saving time and effort.


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