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            Characteristics of Cattle Slaughtering Pipeline Technology and Maintenance of Equipment

            Cattle slaughtering machinery and equipment are generally found in large food factories, slaughtering equipment in the market is also sustainable development, meat food safety and hygiene has also been widely concerned by consumers. Meat food is demanding. When slaughtering machinery and equipment are in use, everyone knows that maintenance and maintenance are also important. Today, we will show you how to maintain the equipment, as follows: after the use of slaughter machinery and equipment is completed, maintain the equipment clean and sanitary, and carry out waterproof measures such as electrical parts, mechanical transmission system, bearings, etc. Periodically inspect the fastener connection parts of slaughter equipment and regularly check whether the mechanical transmission mechanism is loose. Therefore, the maintenance of slaughter equipment is immediate and strict. The damage of slaughter machinery and equipment that needs careful attention not only affects the normal use and service life of equipment, but also inevitably affects the quality of slaughter meat, and then affects the quality of meat, which can not be passed through slaughter equipment. The synchronous satellite method is used to check it. A relationship. If there is a problem with synchronous health inspection on machinery and equipment, it is easy to make the meat with problems flow into the market, which not only affects the reputation of slaughterhouses, but also contributes to the health construction of the people.


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