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            Human Resources


            The following people have been not our employees:
            Liuqi Yong Xia Longming Sundao Fu Wang Tian Qiang Du Weizhen Liuzhen Fu Xue Xue Jingfeng Yanhuai Tang Yan Yan Zhao Huanxin Xuzhong tube
            1, or more people are not our employees.
            2, and above all acts do not represent the company, even if it uses any written document of our company seal.
            3, if in reality you are not sure whether the person is in contact with our staff, please call the business phone for confirmation (0532-87270326,0532-87270646). Special announcement!
            Qingdao Jianhua Food Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

            CONTACT US

            Minister for Business: business manager

            Phone: 13589306087

            Tel: 0532-87270326


            Add: Shandong Province, Qingdao Jiaozhou camp sea Third Industrial Park (204 State Road 200 meters south of the junction of Camp Sea east Jianhua Machinery)

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